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Chris Glanville has a lifetime of experience in all aspects of carpets and floor coverings.


Chris has worked in the carpet/floor covering trade for 52 years. He was a Qualified Master Fitter for  37 years, and for 36 years was a member of the NICF National Institute Carpet and Floor Layers NICF council, including 25 years as the National Assessor and over 5 years as Vice president. Chris was also a director of FITA the Flooring Industry Training Association, and is a NVQ National Vocational Qualification flooring assessor.

As well as single/joint expert witness reports, his services include floor covering consultancy/arbitration/mediation/conciliation and on site supervision installation, or written specification services to major retailers, carpet manufacturers, cleaning companies, solicitors, courts, Trading Standards and Citizens Advice Bureau. Providing training, lecturing  services in the UK, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, France, the USA, Australia, Zimbabwe and the Lebanon. As a Law Society Checked Single/Joint Expert Witness averaging over 25 instructions per year.

Chris has some distinguished qualifications and accreditations: Chris Van

  • Law Society checked Single/Joint Expert Witness since 1996
  • N.I.C.F. Fellow
  • N.I.C.F. Arbitrator / National Assessor
  • Judge of Carpet Fitter of the Year (N.I.C.F. National Competition since 1976).
  • N.I.C.F. council member since 1976.
  • C.I.T.B./F|TA NVQ Assessor since 1999
  • Master carpet Fitter since 1971 (retired 2008)

Sadly, not every carpet and floor covering installation goes according to plan. Sometimes you need expert advice and guidance to get back on the right track. Chris offers arbitration, mediation, and conciliation.

Today, Chris Glanville puts his extensive skills and experience to work by specialising in resolving floor covering and carpet problems, particularly with regards to fitting and installation problems.

He is able to inspect flooring problems and render an opinion as to what party is responsible for the flooring failure. Chris is trained to give independent opinions, based on observations and tests.

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